The Sandvik Sustainability Award in Memory of Sigrid Göransson

In the name of Sigrid Göransson, Sandvik has launched an annual sustainability award to celebrate the best innovations within the company. It is an internal award praising our heritage of sustainability and community involvement.

The prize will go to a solution that has had a measurable and lasting impact on environmental, economic or social sustainability at Sandvik or in local communities.

“The Sandvik Sustainability Award in Memory of Sigrid Göransson” was handed out for the first time at the 2020 Annual General Meeting.

Award winners

2021: Circularity program for premium crushing chambers

A circularity program based on an innovative process of producing manganese wear parts for cone crushers using more than 90 percent recycled steel as raw material.
Award winners: Jörgen Petersson and Anders Åkesson
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2020: Service solution helping in the conversion from fossil gas furnaces to electrical furnaces

A service solution that helps customers reduce their CO2 emission by converting from fossil gas furnaces to electrical furnaces. It consists of a customized, on-site evaluation service called Go Green, which provides calculation models, reports and recommendations for a conversion.
Award winners: Daniel Burton, Marcus Andersson and Ole Stadum
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About Sigrid Göransson

Sigrid Göransson was born on February 23, 1872, in Sandviken, Sweden. She was the granddaughter of Göran Fredrik Göransson, founder of Sandvik and the daughter of Anders Henrik Göransson, CEO of Sandvik. Sigrid made the company focus on social responsibility and improved conditions for the workers at a time when that was rare.
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