Categories for the awards

The Sandvik India Gender Awards are divided into eight categories. The jury will select one individual per category to be awarded for his or her contributions to gender equality, diversity and inclusion.

1. Independent

Any individual who is passionate to change the status-quo of women in the society.

2. Community-based organization

A group or a network coming together to promote gender equality and inclusion.

3. Not for profit

Any registered charitable organization with a vision to bring about gender equality and inclusion in society and/or end discrimination against girls and women.

4. Social enterprise

A for-profit entity whose products or services address the needs of women and girls and operates within an economic model.

5. Government

Any government official or department that has undertaken a special initiative to address the issue of gender inequality and inclusion.

6. Academia

Academic institutions or research organizations involved in fostering a gender-just society.

7. Corporate organization (Policy)

Any corporate policy that is designed to achieve a gender balanced leadership and inclusion through focus on employees, suppliers and customers.

8. Corporate organization (CSR)

The social responsibility of a corporate with its key focus area on gender issues of empowerment and discrimination.