Fair play

From experience, we know that diverse teams are more effective. They are more likely to think and act outside the box and contribute to greater creativity and innovation.

Fair Play

We will constantly aim higher in ethics and transparency, being a leader in playing fair and being open.

Our goal:

Always do the right thing



  • Know Your Customer (KYC) process leading to active, sustainable choices
  • Increased transparency on sustainability targets and results


  • Proactive and agile Compliance system fully embedded in business operations
  • Diverse and inclusive workforce with at least one third female managers
  • Everyone engaged in community involvement with a significant positive impact on society


We have five enablers to reach our goals and targets.

How we progress

Share of women


Examples of how we play fair

Our diverse culture
We work on several levels to increase diversity in our operations and to create an inclusive culture. We offer knowledge and training in diversity and inclusion through a toolbox that includes e-learning, workshops and exercises.

More examples
Here are more examples of actions contributing to reaching our Fair play goal.

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Speaking up provides an important building block in Sandvik’s culture to help build trust.

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