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Environmental responsibility is an integral part of our business. We take the steps necessary to minimize our environmental footprint while also ensuring that these efforts create business benefits for our customers and ourselves. To achieve this, we continue to find innovative ways throughout the value chain to minimize our environmental footprint.

Our efforts range from the production and transportation of our goods and employees, to the supply chain dealing with distribution, customer use and the recycling of our products, among other activities.

These efforts are supported by anchoring our low environmental footprint approaches in our corporate culture, systems and performance measurements. Some activity areas include energy consumption, input materials, freshwater and hazardous chemicals, emissions and waste management, recycling of primary products, materials and the use of by-products.

Sandvik has approximately 130 production, distribution or service sites worldwide that hold various types of environmental permits, depending on legislation. The largest environmental footprint is caused by the raw-material and energy-intensive site in Sandviken, Sweden.

Sandvik abides by a number of environmental principles that, when translated into concrete measures, have a positive impact:

  • Environmental responsibility: Actively working to reduce negative impact and improve the environmental performance of our own operations, and the operations of others, in areas where Sandvik has an influence.
  • Precautionary approach: Measures are taken as soon as there is a reason to believe that an action could harm the environment or human health.
  • Environmental risk management: Requires the introduction of a program derived from a risk-based and sustainable perspective to reduce or minimize the environmental impact from Sandvik's activities, products and services.
  • Polluter pays principle: Those who cause damage to the environment are required to pay compensation.

An Environmental and Climate Change strategy was adopted in 2015 to strengthen our focus on major environmental aspects and to support the implementation of our strategic direction going forward.

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