We shift climate

Sandvik LH518B™ loader is one example of battery-electric equipment reducing the environmental impact in mining operations.

We will deliver on our commitments to reduce our climate impact. We are aiming to shift mindsets and outcomes in our own business, for our customers and with our suppliers to help reach our targets.

Making progress

  • Yearly targets for energy efficiency improvements are defined and followed up on by all divisions.
  • Among the initiatives are a clean electricity supply initiative with Purchase Power Agreements and green certificates, vehicle electrification and efforts to reduce our transport impact.
  • The launch of a new battery loader will reduce heat and emissions for our mining customers. Read more about the loader on rocktechnology.sandvik

Reduction of CO2 emissions

We need to reduce our CO2 emissions to 166 ktons to achieve a 50 percent reduction by 2030. The graph shows the reduction of CO2 emissions for 2016–2020.

009b.svgIn 2020, CO2 emissions fell by 17 percent to 266 ktons, mainly due to low activity levels caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Production was shut down in India in the second quarter and traveling was reduced to a minimum.

The dotted line is an indication of how well we are in line with the 2030 targets, meaning we exceeded the 2020 requirements in relation to the target. The target is adjusted for structural changes.

Climate symbol.svg

Find out more about our progress

You can read more about our latest progress in the interim report.
Go to the page for interim reports