Circularity in our operations

By using recycled material in our production processes, such as recovered metal resources and repurchased used tools, and by developing a valuable use for the by-products from our operations, we can increase our contribution to a more circular society.

Raw materials and input materials

To maximize the sustainable utilization of materials and reduce environmental impact, used cement-carbide products are reused and repurchased. The production of stainless steel and special alloys is mainly based on recycled steel scrap. In total for the Group, approximately 80% of the metallic raw material is derived from recovered material.

Use of water

We continuously endeavor to reduce our consumption of freshwater and groundwater. Economizing fresh water is particularly important in water-stressed regions. According to a previous survey of Sandvik’s sites, five sites in India and one site in China are located in areas defined by the UN as having access to less than 500 cubic meters (m3) of water per year and person.

Waste management

Sandvik’s operations give rise to various types of waste. Nearly 80% of all waste is generated at Sandvik Material Technology’s facilities in Sandviken and by Wolfram Bergbau und Hutten in Austria. Metalliferous waste and other by-products are reused or recycled to the greatest extent possible.