About 90 percent of our manufacturing activities take place in areas where there is an abundance of water. Nonetheless, water use is closely monitored and many measures are taken to minimize consumption, including circulation of cooling water as a means to reduce the need for fresh water.

Sandvik’s emissions to water consist mainly of nitrogen compounds, oxygen-consuming substances and metals. All wastewater from production processes is treated before being released, to ensure that all discharges are below the acceptable limit.

Sandvik does not use water in its products. In manufacturing operations, especially in hot environments, some water will inevitably transpire and evaporate. The evaporated volumes are insignificant in relation to production and water volumes. There are no steps in our manufacturing processes that would cause irreversible pollution to the water being used.

All water withdrawn is released back to recipients after relevant treatment, either in our own treatment facilities or in third-party treatment operations. For the main manufacturing operations, water withdrawal and discharges are conducted in a carefully controlled manner and subject to relevant permits.

Data on water

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