Carbon emissions and energy

Sandvik is working to ensure that every individual site in the company has an action plan to increase energy efficiency and reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

Sandvik had 225 environmental improvement plans (EIPs) underway in 2021, many related to CO2 and waste. The EIPs cover the topics considered most material for each business area/division.

One of our 2030 sustainability goals is to halve our CO2 emissions. In 2021 we reduced CO2 emissions by 16.4 percent to 234 ktons, which is well in line with what is required to fulfil the 2030 goal. The reduction was mainly attributable to the sourcing of fossil-free energy outside of Europe. At our European sites we have been buying fossil-free electricity since 2013, resulting in a reduction of annual emissions by approximately 183 ktons based on the 2021 outcome.

Data on carbon emissions and energy

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Energy consumption 2016–2021

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Circularity goal

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