Engineers Without Borders

Sandvik AB has a long-term collaboration with Engineers Without Borders, Sweden. The intention of the collaboration is to contribute with technical know-how, project management and international experience to the organization’s voluntary activities in Sweden and in developing countries.

An additional ambition is to jointly promote interest in technology and engineering in society and to attract more people into technical programs. Engineers without borders, Sweden has about 1000 members in Sweden.

The organization is currently conducting volunteer projects in Kenya, Tanzania, Cameroon, Uganda, Rwanda, Ghana, Nepal. Focus areas are energy, water, sanitation, schools and hospitals.

Project "Wind Power for Tanzania"

We have now decided on a first project that Sandvik specifically will engage itself in; the project "Wind Power for Tanzania". The project aims to complement the electricity supply to schools, hospitals or for other fundamentals for the local community buildings, by building and maintaining small-scale wind power turbines and installing solar panels in off-grid rural areas in Tanzania.

Benefits to the local community

Electricity is scarce e.g. in schools and hospitals. Bringing electricity to pupils increases their possibility to study when it is dark outside, and their safety outside the buildings increases. For hospitals, the turbine will provide a power supply back up.

Stimulate knowledge transfer to reduce cost of building additional turbines. Educating people locally and helping them communicate with local organizations also creates an infrastructure for more cost-effective maintenance.

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