Sustainable business

We are committed to using engineering and innovation to make the shift that will drive more sustainable business.

Our aim is to lead this shift in our industry and be the innovative business partner for our customers by making sustainability part of every aspect of business, delivering value for everyone.

To achieve this, we are focusing on four sustainability goals for 2030.


Make the shift

To make the shift that will drive more sustainable business we focus on four areas, each with expressed goals:

Ulrika Wedberg, Head of Sustainable Business, and Björn Rosengren, President and CEO, explain how we will reach the goals

Indices and international commitments

We are included in several sustainability indices – an important recognition of our efforts in the area of sustainable business.
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UN Global Goals

Learn how we contribute to the UN Global Goals.

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News and stories

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6 Sep 2019 , News

As a proud main partner, Sandvik's CEO Björn Rosengren today opened Rapatac in Sandviken – Sweden's most modern activity center for children and young people.

7 Jun 2019 , News

Over 30 million saw Yngwie Malmsteen do his utmost to smash Sandvik’s unbreakable guitar. Now the guitar has been auctioned out which brought in USD 25,000. Sandvik donates the money to the organization Engineers Without Borders, that will use them for school projects in Tanzania.

29 May 2019 , News

On June 5, the United Nations World Environment Day is celebrated across the globe. Sandvik strives to minimize its environmental footprint and we put a lot of effort into making our offerings and our production better from a sustainability perspective.

22 May 2019 , News

Sustainability is an integral part of Sandvik´s business and we are increasingly becoming the leading sustainable business partner for our customers. Sandvik will now take the next big step by launching four ambitious 2030 goals.

13 May 2019 , News

Eminent scientists, including five Nobel prize laureates, and 800 students from all over the world participated in the Planet Earth 2019 symposium arranged by Molecular Frontiers. Sandvik has partnered with Molecular Frontiers to increase young people’s interest in science and technology.