Vision and strategy

Our vision is to set the industry standard. It means that we set the benchmark for others to follow.

With more than 2,500 people active in research and development, we have established a significant track record in commercializing new products and solutions, many of which have become the yardstick within our customers' industries.

Driven by the challenges our customers face, we continuously strive to set new industry standards, resulting in higher productivity and enabling more efficient and safer industrial activities. At Sandvik, we have the passion, expertise and innovative mindset for developing new ideas into pioneering solutions.

Strong foundation for continued success

Since Sandvik was established more than 150 years ago, our business concept has been based on innovation, technology leadership and close, long-term customer relationships.

To ensure future leadership and value creation for our customers and shareholders we have the following strategic agenda:

  • Focus on our core capabilities and ensure to be number one or two in our chosen segments and markets
  • Maintain strong technology leadership and innovation capabilities
  • Assure high accountability and decisions close to customers
  • Ensure stability and profitability and thereafter growth
  • Strive for efficiency and continuous improvements
  • Ensure a culture of doing things right – ethically and responsibly
  • Attract, develop and retain exceptional people

Strategic agenda

  • Focus on core and be no. 1 or 2 in chosen markets and segments
  • Technology leadership and innovation
  • Accountability and decisions close to customers
  • Stability and profitability before growth
  • Efficiency and continous improvements
  • Culture of doing things right
  • Exceptional people

This, plus sustainable business will create:

  • Shareholder value
  • Customer value
  • Employee value