Our purpose

We make the shift – advancing the world through engineering

We are forward thinkers, driven by our passion to continuously innovate smarter solutions and enable important shifts.

Our role is clear – through every action, every day, we make the shift and advance the world through engineering.

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Strategic objectives

Sandvik will create value by focusing on six strategic areas. We have defined targets for 2025 in each of them to ensure transparency and follow-through.

Stefan Widing standing in front of a window on a brick building

Every day we contribute to making the shift and advancing the world.

Stefan Widing, President and CEO

A circular illustration with the purpose in the middle, the core values around it and the six strategic objectives around the core values

Video: Our strategy 2025

Let us guide you through the strategy for Sandvik.

Our core values

Customer focus

We are agile, decentralized and make decisions close to customers.


We are technology leaders, through innovation.

Fair play

We are ethical and compliant, dedicated to health, safety and sustainability.

Passion to win

We establish market leadership through empowered people, strong performance management and continuous improvements.

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Modern 3D metrology is becoming the eyes and ears of the production floor, bringing multiple advantages to the manufacturing world.

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A unique fusion of artistry spanning 500 years from some of the world’s most iconic sculptors was made possible through AI and advanced digital manufacturing solutions from Sandvik.

Artificial intelligence is already having a major impact on manufacturing operations around the world.