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Working shoulder-to-shoulder with aerospace companies, we are pioneering advanced machining solutions that increase productivity and deliver quailty results for every component.

Advanced tooling solutions are critical to the success of aerospace companies as they apply new materials to build airplanes that are lighter, safer and more fuel efficient.

We are providing the tools and processes for machining titanium, heat-resistant alloys as well as composites required for aircraft body structures and new-generation jet engines.

Working shoulder-to-shoulder with aerospace companies at our dedicated aerospace engineering competence centers, we are pioneering advanced cutting tools and modular tooling solutions that save time and reduce inventory. In addition, our programs for process development and training are designed to embed the routines for safe and cost-efficient manufacturing that deliver quality results for every component.

We are also a market-leading supplier of titanium tubes for aircraft hydraulic systems. Larger types of planes are typically equipped with more than a kilometer of hydraulic tubing. Our extremely lightweight but high-strength tubes can help modern fleets cut down on weight and reduce the average CO2 emissions per passenger.

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