General engineering

Illustration of gear wheels.
With our in-depth application knowledge, we can recommend the optimum manufacturing solution for each type of component.

Key objectives for manufacturers of industrial components are delivering products that perform better while keeping production costs down. The ability to do so often depends on the right choice of cutting tools and machining method for the specified component design and material.

We have long been helping customers achieve higher productivity and component quality with cutting tools that combine high performance and long tool life. Since machining is often a significant cost in a manufacturing process, the right tooling solution and machining process can make a big difference. In fact, our research shows that a 20 percent increase in machine utilization can provide a 10 percent higher profit gross margin.

To further drive efficiency and automation in component manufacturing, we also provide a range of digital solutions spanning from component design to verification. Combined with our additive manufacturing services and wide range of metal powder, we help customers improve their processes and components, sharpening their competitive edge.

Metal-cutting knowledge

Take advantage of our extensive knowledge and talk to us about metal-cutting solutions.

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Additive manufacturing advantages

Learn how our customers benefit from switching to additive manufacturing.

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