Illustration of a wind power plant.
As a world-leading provider of metal-cutting solutions, we help, for example, wind turbine manufacturers improve quality and productivity in the machining of a variety of components.

The success of wind power and other renewable technologies depends on the ability of the components used to achieve maximum output at a low cost. Consequently, their precision, performance and durability – and how efficiently they can be manufactured – are critical.

As a world-leading provider of metal-cutting solutions, we help manufacturers improve productivity and component quality in the machining of various types of shafts, rings, housings and gearboxes, among others.

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Metal-cutting solutions for the oil and gas industry

In the oil and gas industry, extraction is being pushed to deeper and more extreme environments. This requires components in more complex materials that last longer and is often more difficult to machine. We have the expertise to help customers find the optimum tools and machining method for the respective material and component design.

As subsea and downhole components are also getting larger, the need for long overhang machining increases. Here, our vibration-dampening tooling solutions are one example of how we help customers overcome challenges and increase efficiency in the machining of high-quality components.

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