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With extensive investment in R&D and knowledge sharing, we will continue to help our customers shape the cars of tomorrow.

From delivering a wide range of products in advanced stainless steels and special alloys to providing world-leading tooling solutions, we have played a critical role in the evolution of the automotive industry for decades.

Today, with increasingly strict government fuel consumption and emission standards, our innovative materials and metal-cutting solutions are helping manufacturers of cars, trucks and other vehicles address important challenges.

As they seek production gains to ensure profitability, new productivity criteria will continuously have to be met. Sandvik, as the world’s no. 1 supplier of metal-cutting tools, tooling systems and know-how, is providing the cutting-edge solutions that today’s manufacturers need to succeed.

The demand for lighter, safer and low (or zero) emissions vehicles will present the industry with new challenges. With a solid line-up of product launches based on extensive R&D and knowledge sharing, we will continue to help our customers shape the cars of tomorrow.

Complete machining offer for automotive components

Tools and in-depth application know-how for automotive components.

More efficient gasoline direct injection (GDI)

Pressurfect™ - innovative tubing for ultra-efficient and lighter fuel systems.

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