We enable companies in many industries to make the most of digitalization to improve productivity and become more sustainable. From connected mines with self-driving machines and solutions for predicted maintenance to closed-loop manufacturing solutions and digital twin technologies.

The same kind of forward thinking applies within our company, where Seamless Flow is a key enabler for higher efficiency and the shift of resources away from repetitive tasks toward spending time on creating value for our customers.

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In our stories section you find articles about our progress and approach in various areas. Below are some examples. To view our digital customer solutions within different areas, visit our websites for products and services.

Digitalized manufacturing enables a closed-loop production that results in increased efficiency, less waste and improved quality.

Digital twins replicate real products in the virtual world which allows for invaluable testing, saving time and money.

Advanced analytical cognitive data processing offers mining customers a more complete view of their operations.

Automated, digitalized processes and AI-enhanced decisions reduce costs and free up time to spend on adding real customer value.

Sandvik has partnered with IBM on several digital key projects within metal cutting.

Sandvik is now reorganizing its tool business to further strengthen its position within future digital solutions, also known as Industry 4.0, says CEO of Sandvik Stefan Widing.