Sandvik Materials Technology

Three persons in factory.

Business area Sandvik Materials Technology is a world-leading manufacturer of advanced stainless steels and special alloys for the most demanding industries.

Key figures 2021

Revenues: 13,405 million SEK
Adjusted operating profit (EBITA):
1,548 million SEK
Employees: 5,465

Business area President

Göran Björkman

The offering covers a large variety of product forms, such as tube, pipe, bar and strip steel as well as products for industrial heating.

With a unique expertise in materials technology and extensive insight into industrial processes and applications, products and services are continuously developed to increase customer productivity and safety, while often reducing the environmental impact.

Revenues by customer segment

  • Energy 38
  • General engineering 23
  • Consumer&Electronics 14
  • Chemicals 6
  • Automotive 6
  • Mining 4
  • Construction 4
  • Aerospace 2
  • Other 3

Revenues by market area

  • Europe 50
  • North America 24
  • Asia 22
  • South America 2
  • Africa/Middle East 2

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