12 Jan 2021 , Sonderbeitrag

The medical wire business within Sandvik was looking to expand operations in the US, but the pandemic hindered our search for a new site. So, they did it entirely virtual instead.

30 Dez 2020 , Sonderbeitrag

Meet Sandvik podcast: In the second part of our Holiday Special we will talk about what is probably the most important innovation in the history of Sandvik.

23 Dez 2020 , Sonderbeitrag

Meet Sandvik podcast: The development of Sandvik and social responsibility has gone hand in hand, starting with the social pathos of its founder Göran Fredrik Göransson.

17 Dez 2020 , Sonderbeitrag

Meet Sandvik podcast: “Sustainability and business go hand in hand,” states Mats W Lundberg, Head of Sustainability at Sandvik.

11 Dez 2020 , Sonderbeitrag

Why is having more women working in the engineering and mining industry a business advantage?

2 Dez 2020 , Sonderbeitrag

As production of electric cars increases so does the need for lithium-ion batteries, raw materials and reliable and efficient heating technology. Sandvik is ready to meet the demand.

25 Nov 2020 , Sonderbeitrag

When Tong Wu was about to propose to his girlfriend, he had a special ring in mind. To produce it, he turned to Sandvik for help.

18 Nov 2020 , Sonderbeitrag

Sandvik has partnered with IBM on several digital key projects within metal cutting.

11 Nov 2020 , Sonderbeitrag

Sandvik is now reorganizing its tool business to further strengthen its position within future digital solutions, also known as Industry 4.0, says CEO of Sandvik Stefan Widing.

28 Okt 2020 , Sonderbeitrag

Engineering is traditionally a male-dominated field of study. And while steps have been taken to help integrate women into engineering and mining, they are still vastly underrepresented.

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